Friday, 31 May 2013

I don't know

peace be upon you :)
hey, i got a new blog! huhu...naah..just changed the name and layout of the old one. so, it's also new :D
why? just feel like so. it feels more like me. little flower. somebody gave me that name :)

It's a holiday right now and the past one week has do i put it..hurm..complicated i guess. my family issues are unresolved, getting worse actually but I do love to be with my guardian angel.mama <3
I had free time and lot of it actually I watched korean drama the winter that wind blows and it is amazing! enchanted kind of drama. I see lot of people are changing towards the better. But I don't know. Right know, I don't want to move. It's like I'm waiting for something. Or like I'm recharging myself. I like to stay quiet for now. Not to bother anything in the world. Allah had said after one good deed that we do, continue to do another. It's surah Al-Insyirah if I'm not mistaken. That means after the tiring hours in kmb I should put my gear back on and strive to work hard again. However, this time, I want to take some time to actually figure out a few reasons. Tajdid niat maybe. That means 'renew' my intention all along. I like reading good books, inspirational ones. And also listen to great speeches by great men. I want to filled my heart with knowledge and learn to be mature first before I do anything else.

It's not wrong right?Cause truthfully, I don't know. I hope so
Alright, adios amigos


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What's up??
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