Saturday, 11 May 2013

oh..what a journey

Whaddup peeps? Peace be upon you

Days in kmb are never easy and now the sem 2 exam is here!! *scream*
really, you can see the word stress written on the gloomy faces here
my dear beloved senior is having her IB exam but u see, she still got time to remind me of a few things
the other day, she sent me a message
"assalamualaikum adik, apa khabar iman?" or in English it's "how's your iman"
sentap yg betul2 mantap iman mmg xkan goyah pegangan kan?
i'm sooo jelous of her..haha
so let's ask are we today?or better, how are our iman today??



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What's up??

What's up??
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