Monday, 19 November 2012

Our hands are not ours

Our hands are not ours. Yet, we are given to use them. What we write today had been written in the Luh Mahfuz since forever. Yet, we're still struggling with 'if only i....' . The outcome of our blood, sweat and tears had been set, yet, we yearn for something better. what am I blabbering about actually? well, math test just now pop these statements in my mind. Random things keep popping into my head recently. What I want to say through the statements is our life had been set and the paths we took or about to take had been decided. So, why do we work hard anyway?

Because we know HE sees our effort not the outcome. We have different capabilities yet we are expected to excel in everything(that's how things go in IB). Some poeple just know how to juggle the numbers and some others just have 'superpowers' to remember words like deoxyribonucleoside triphosphate in just few  seconds. Saying this, definitely, the outcomes of what we do will be different.

But no worry. He sees our effort. And that is enough.
It's hard for me to actually not worry about people's expectation - or my own expectation actually.
At times, I tend to forget how this world is temporary. How IB is not forever. How exams doesn't change how you are. How results are not the definition how amazing you can be. That's because we are still clinging to the rope of dunya' that is just a drop of water in the ocean. Ironic much, but still, the truth.

Allah will repay our effort equally. He always did and will always will. Believe it.
So don't regret your mistakes. It happened for a reason. HE said so.Though sometimes we yearn to know why. Just believe. It'll make a difference.

Life is too precious to be waking up with regrets. Don't you think so?

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What's up??
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