Saturday, 15 September 2012

It's everybody's war is not least not for muslims cause muslims just dont have the luxury to lead a layback life
and why is that?because way..way expensive than anything we can imagine on earth. My life had been going up and down these few days( or is it my entire life?) huhu..but hey, everybody's life goes up and down so what's the sigh for?

ROQ. Rememberance of Al Quds. This entire week was on ROQ. I never thought of this as a deadly serious matter. I do know palastines are my brothers and sisters who are fighting for the sake of Islam. I cried when I watched their videos. I do care for them, or at least I thought I do..until..Allah showed me how little is my effort in 'caring' for them.

When you think their war is your war, only then you really do care for them. That's what I felt. It was as if Allah was telling me that. Those words hit me hard. Real, deal hard. For all this time, did I think it's my war?I hope I can say yes but the reality Not at all. If I really do think so, why would I sigh for all little things that went wrong in my life? Why didn't I remember them in every single of my prayer? Why didn't I find out about what's going on there?...that's for me to ponder

Listening to their stories rip my heart into pieces. There's a 10 years old kid who already memorized 20 juzuk of the holy Quran and he wanted to o fight at the border of Gaza, which is extremely dangerous. His mother objected but he was really determined that his mother said that he can do so with one condition. He must memorized the whole Quran first. Masya-Allah! We are talking about a 10 years old kid here! The bodyguards of the president must be a hafiz. The kids there recite the Quran as perfomance, not dancing nor singing. The people there lay out their sajdah the moment they heard the azan and pray, even by the street!. They never asked for money on street to those who go there to visit them and they don't act like beggars although they had not been eating for more than 3 days. That's the level of their dignity.

But..what hit me the most is that they will never run. ever. Because it is their fight. They believe in Allah. They believe it's a test. They believe in Allah's help. They don't ask for US or Japan or any big power on earth to help them. They only ask for Allah's help. One of the important people there was asked of what can muslims in other places do to help them and he said 'build real muslims in your own land and Islam will be once again glorified on earth.' How amazing.

This hadith of the prophet, Muhammad S.A.W proves to be right and can never be wrong..

Sentiasa akan ada sekelompok dari umatku yang sentiasa berjuang bersama2 kebenaran, mencabar dan menentang musuh2 mereka. Musuh2 mereka tidak dapat memberi mudarat kepada mereka sehingga Allah mendatangkan keputusannya.Mereka tetap dalam keadaan demikian.” Maka para sahabat bertanya,”Dimanakah mereka?” Jawab Rasulullah.” Di Baitul Maqdis dan sekitarnya”

*sorry cant find the english translation

They'll continue to fight for Islam, until they win. If it takes forever, then forever it will be.
How about us?
We shall all fight. In our own ways. If studying it is, then studying it would be. Until the time comes when we all taste the sweetness of a victory. In jannah. InsyaAllah.

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