Sunday, 2 June 2013

I stumble

Anyio!! and assalamualaikum:)
peeps, I'm back..huhu :D last post was really, very wary.I was not in a good condition was I?It took me several days to recover this time. I was very childish wasn't I? You bet. Sometimes I think because my childhood was pretty much taken away from me so I am a child until today:D

Nevermind that. You know what makes me pull myself together again?Words and quotes. I just love them!
They are lovely to me. I did not say I have the worst past. Oh no no. There are thousands people out there that may have gone through something worse. But I know that what I went through and going through is not easy either. Well, did Allah promise that it will be easy? No sir! So, I should stop feeling sad and work on things that make me n my mom happy. I'll stumble again and again and again but I hope that I'll always get up better than before. Pray for me neh?


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What's up??

What's up??
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