Sunday, 24 February 2013

You never can tell


huhu.lama x menulis kan?
gomenasai neh

you never can tell
apakah itu?
tajuk lagu?movie?book?

it's a theater! by bernard something2
can't remember..:P
KMB had a teater in dbkl yesterday and i was one of the ushers
the play was beyond awesome
KMB adapted "you never can tell play" and named it 'summer of serendipity'
it's sereNDIpity...not seredipity
staged in DBKL
in front of more than 500 audience
in front menteri and mara people
the havocacy was...ntah words can describe it
the actors,actresses,dancers,muscians,props,choir n etc work superbly hard
no doubt about that

i know what most muslims would say
"TEATER???apakah??x dosa ka??"
mai nk habaq
yeah..i can't deny that lots of things were wrong
were not right
x mengikut syarak
u can't even see islam in it

but those..i don't want to discuss because i know it's wrong
but the thing is i got to extract some positive things out of it
dah trpaksa jdi usherers kan.might as well get the better of it

i was amazed at how awesome the crews were
the choreography was done by students
the lighting manager
the sound manager
the director
the designer
all were the students of kmb!
19 years old IB students. ib is already enough to drive somebody crazy
what more when you have to totally 'create' a play

i saw how they work
i saw how great minds do they have
i saw wonderful sets of skills
i realized what power do young people have
how they are valuable
if everybody can see what i saw
i believe u'll say the same thing

if is used on the right path
saaangat la awesome!
they have strength that not many have
logam masing2 tu berbeza kn?

“Manusia seperti logam, terpilihnya mereka semasa jahiliyyah terpilih juga mereka semasa Islam, sekiranya mereka faham”

Saidina Umar sangatlah garang before dia memeluk Islam. and he stays the same after he did have Islam in his heart. the difference is. what he used his 'ketegasan' for.

Allah..created us to be special. and HE never asks us to throw it away.just use it on the right path. on HIS path.

dh jumpa logam masing2?
don't say u don't have one
if dah..
jom guna utk Islam?



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