Sunday, 6 January 2013


Today, I learn lots of new things that moved my heart. Things that I really need.What more can I say than thank you Allah?

I learn to be myself and still a muslimah. I learn to stay being the bubbly, crazy me and yet, know my boundaries. I feel free speaking english and loving it but still, never forget where I 'm from. When people mention the word muslimah we can only visualize one thing - girl in jubah or baju kurung or muslimah tshirt and tdung labuh. Is that it? not for me. To me, being yourself and being modest a.k.a sederhana is muslimah. If u are small and petite don't give yourself a hard time trying to wear tdung bidang 60 if tdung bidang 45 already covers your aurah perfectly. But still, feel free to wear tdung labuh if you feel you neded to. Play sports if you like. Be as funky as you want. But never ever cross the boudaries. Never ever let HIM go.

I learn to trust Allah not the hard work that I did. I'm trying to believe that HE really help those who help HIS religion. Time belongs to HIM. Every second we spent on dakwah has its berkat. I learn to make my goals clear. My purpose of life. It has to be solid or I'll definitely quit in the middle of journey.
Life's a climb but the journey is great. Right?

I promised to write this post in 10 minutes and time's up.:D

Tomorrow, I don't know what's waiting for me.
But let's start this journey shall we?
Whatever it is, bring it on!
We have Allah every second in our life


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What's up??
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