Friday, 12 April 2013


Who can tell me that they never be in the 'serabut' moment?
Who never be in that situation where your life is a mess?
Anybody?I doubt so

For the past two weeks life has been a mess. Ask that to any kmb year 1 students
And for some reason I think I too might have put that load of work above my real responsibility
Many face the same problem these days. We're just too busy till we forget that this world is not all. Its just a drop of water in the ocean, and perhaps less!


But I've been through that.Alhamdulillah ( never thought I can do it though)
So to you guys out there and myself too, let's remember that we have a bigger responsibility than our studies or job or even family
For those who has no idea of what I'm thinking about...find the answer. You'll be surprised


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What's up??
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