Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Percaya dan yakin

One month and a half. That's how long I've left this blog unattended.
Mungkin kerana hati ini masih lagi terikat dengan dunia. Terlalu sibuk dengan dunia pelajar n KMB yg sbenarnya x berpenghujung. Knowing this fact, I can't help feeling sad.
Anyway..back to the topic

Percaya dan yakin. Both are forms of faith. But they are two things that are different but many people fail to realize it.Let's look into this story.

Ada seorg penembak handal yang meletakkan sebiji epal atas kepala anda dan menembaknya dengan tepat. Lalu, anda percaya dia seorang penembak yang handal. Kemudian, dia meletakkan sebiji epal buat kali kedua untuk ditembak. Namun, kali ini, dia akan menembak sambil matanya tertutup. Adakah anda yakin bahawa epal itu yang akan menjadi sasaranya dan bukan kepala anda? Sebentar tadi anda baru sahaja mengaku anda percaya dia seorg penembak yang handal. Sekarang pula anda tidak yakin dengannya?

That's the difference brothers n sisters.

2nd story.

One guy was climbing the mountain at night and suddenly he fell, so as his torchlight.The place was pitch black and he can only see using the torchlight of his gears. When he was falling, he thought he was going to die. However, suddenly, the rope(that people use for mountain climbing) stuck somewhere, leaving him hanging around, not able to see anything. Then he prayed to Allah

Allah, save me! You are the only one that can save me!

Then he heard a voice

Are u sure I can save u?

He answered  "of course You can. Who else can save me other than You my Lord!"

The voice asked again and he gave the same answer.
Then the voice said...."if u say so...then cut the rope..."

"cut the rope...."

The next day he was found dead, somehow, freezing, hanging tight to the rope and just 4 feet from the ground. If only he had cut the rope, he would be saved.

He said he was sure that Allah can save him. But why he didn't cut the rope?Why? He would have been saved.

Kerana dia hanya percaya. Dan tidak yakin padaNya.

How about us? 

Kita sekadar percaya? atau yakin?

Let us ponder


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