Sunday, 18 March 2012


Assalamualaikum..n good morning:)

So,looking up the title

That's right. Kehidupan ni ibarat roda.Sometimes we are at the top.Sometimes we're at the bottom.
I think smua org stuju kn??n why did I choose that title for my first post?

Because recently my life had really turned around. The details?tak payah kot..coz i don't want this blog to be tempat curahan perasaan n emosi. Like the name of my blog-SPEAK OUT. I just want to try speaking up to the world:)

One thing for sure, from my life experience, when we are up above, don't forget to look down because someday we'll be at the bottom. And when we're at the bottom, don't be scared to look up and believe that someday we can be at the top. Stuju??up to you.

And if we think about it Allah s.w.t dah susun kehidupan manusia ni cantik sgt. Allah jadikan hidup ni ibarat roda supaya kita x lupakan DIA. Sometimes life became so hard that I felt sufforcated and just want to get out of the mess.At that moment, when I can't depend on anyone else, Allah is all I think of. It happened to you guys too right?Tapi, bila kita duk jln2, syok2 makan angin ka, tyme kita duit byk, jrg kan kita nak ingat kat Allah? and that's when Allah turunkan ujian supaya kita x trus leka dengan dunia. Amazing,isn't it?

So the point is, whoever we are and wherever we stand just remember Allah and InsyaAllah we will be strong to overcome all the hurdles in our life. Remember, Allah is near to us. Allah itu dekat. Lebih dekat dari yg kita sangkakan.:)


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