Wednesday, 12 December 2012

my guardian angel

hi people! assalamualaikum:)

finaly!! i have time to rest..although just for a's a looonggg holiday but, i have to work for my mum, help her becomes a little bit short.

i have nothing to write but just a reminder to everbody

care for your mother while you still can. she is not going to be with us forever.

Mom, you are beyond great! I can’t thank God enough for having you… I love you! Happy Birthday! I miss you =’( Get well soon! mwah!

people say i'm a spoilt brat. anak manja. I cling to my mum all the time. Ask for her permission before I do anything. Likes to hang out with her more than anybody else. Study next to her (during my school days). spend almost my enÚ†tire holidays working and helping her at the boutique. call her twice a day at KMB. never miss a day.tell almost everything to her daily.

and they ask me why?


that's how my expression changed. haha. because at first I was confused with their question and once I figured out the best answer I smiled and said " why don't you do the same?why don't you need to do so?I do that just simply because it is my that sacrifices her whole life to take care of this troublesome little girl.she's my best buds. I feel like I need to do so or I can't breathe. I need to talk to her daily or I can't study. I won't go to sleep if she doesn't.

I don't care about what people say. I love spending every precious moment with her.she's my guardian angel

                                                 Reblog if you love your mom….i do!!
oh wait. I did not say that mothers are perfect. Right?Because they are not. They make mistakes. I know.Sometimes we are hurt and sometimes we got blamed for things that we did not do or is right from our point of view. Sometimes they bable about such little things (we thought so).

my mum is just the same. she ain't perfect. she's a human too and we know that humans make mistakes. But if they can always forgive our mistakes. Why can't we do the same?Sometimes, me just have to let they win and a lot of times we need to do things that pleases them although it is not our cup of tea or we find it hard to do so. Sometimes we just have to take the blame and bear with the pain. Sometimes we just need to listen to what she says although it is the same thing everyday.

they sacrificed a lot for us. don't they?isn't it the time for us to do so?

A man came to the Prophet and said, ‘O Messenger of God! Who among the people is the most worthy of my good companionship?
The Prophet said: Your mother.
The man said, ‘Then who?'
The Prophet said: Then your mother.
The man further asked, ‘Then who?'
The Prophet said: Then your mother.
The man asked again, ‘Then who?'
The Prophet said: Then your father. (Bukhari, Muslim).

that's a very common hadith. isn't it?

so what are we waiting for?
i can't wait for my mum to come back from work today.
it's 5 o'clock now and she's coming back at 6.30.
let's love our mom. while we still can.

And you know what, saying 'I love you mama (that's what I called her)" worth lot more than a thousand dimes.


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